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 Maha Bodhi Society of India

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       The Maha Bodhi Society of India was founded by Anagarika Dhammapala in May, 1891 for the purpose of resuscitation Buddhism in India and of restoring the ancient Buddhist shrines at Buddha Gaya, Sarnath and Kushinara. Having its Headquarters in Calcutta its main attention has been paid in the restoration and revival of the glory and sanctity of Buddha Gaya. For this he founded the Society’s first Centre at Buddha Gaya.

Then centers were established in Sarnath, Sanchi, Lucknow, Orissa, New Delhi, Chennai Ajmer, Bangalore etc.The yeomen services rendered by the Maha Bodhi Society for the spread of loving kindness, promotion of mutual understanding and goodwill, and strengthening of peace is keenly felt in the present times than ever before. The Society today can act as a messenger of Peace by imparting Lord Buddha’s time cherished and eternal values to the people. The Global Buddhist Community is now looking towards the Maha Bodhi Society of India, which can play a pivotal role in leading the world towards Peace based on Buddha’s teachings about value-based living and human kindness.